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Wine Portfolio Valuations and Portfolio Management

Benefits you Receive with JF Tobias’ Cellar Tool Plan:


  • Your own personal account manager
  • Accurate wine portfolio valuations and quotes delivered straight to your inbox
  • Make informed decisions on when to sell, and when to buy
  • A completely free resource, with no fees
  • An expert, bespoke service that keeps you up to date with your wine portfolios performance
  • Tailored commentary on, and analysis of, the fine wine market


Wine Portfolio Valuations

We introduced the Valuation Tool to give everyone access to transparent, accurate, and live market valuations for their fine wine. We noticed another problem. Giving our clients this information in a way that was quick, easy, and efficient.

This is why we have introduced Cellar Tool. A new service, Cellar Tool provides you with ongoing wine portfolio valuations, whether it be a collection, or investment. Our aim is to make the management of your fine wine as easy as possible. With £28 million currently under management, we are already helping many of you make it that little bit easier. Cellar Tool gives you the power of transparent, live market valuations delivered straight to your inbox, for free.


Wine Portfolio Management

With Cellar Tool, you will receive a current market price for each wine, and the total value of your collection. It allows you to build a clear picture of how your collection is performing, month on month, or quarter on quarter. This is particularly important if you have a fine wine investment portfolio. When it comes to protecting and maximizing returns, access to live market valuations on an ongoing basis is vital. It allows you to make informed management decisions, and understand the best time to buy and sell.

This is why we’ll also include a clear breakdown of our cash and broking offers alongside your market valuations. For those that wish to sell wine, Cellar Tool gives you the right information, so you can make the right decision when it comes to maximizing returns.

Your own Personal, Dedicated Account Manager

The first independent port of call within the fine wine industry, we will always provide free advice. Cellar Tool is no exception. You will have your own personal, dedicated account manager, who will be able to provide expert advice and assistance. Whether you wish to sell, re-balance, or invest, your account manager will be able to help.

At JF Tobias, we believe the wine industry should be a lot more transparent. Providing you with an account manager, alongside monthly valuations for free, is just one of the ways we’re helping our clients make sense of the fine wine market. At JF Tobias, we make wine portfolio valuations and management the simplest it can be.


We’re committed to making this the best in class solution for ongoing wine portfolio valuations and management that you can trust. One that solves the problems our clients face, in an often less than transparent fine wine market. Our vision is to democratise wine for all, to improve the enjoyment of and participation in the world of wine, and with Cellar Tool, we’re one step closer.

Contact us now with your full list of wines, and a member of our team will gladly confirm your enrollment onto Cellar Tool. Want an instant online wine valuation? Click here to find out your wine’s value.



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